iRAD – Integrated Road Accident Database


About iRad

The Integrated Road Accident Database (iRAD) Project is an initiative of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), Government of India and is funded by World Bank, with  objective to improve road safety in the country. To achieve this, establishment of an accurate and uniform road accident data collection mechanism from all over India, is required. For this    purpose iRAD mobile & web application is developed. This is followed by training & handholding support to stakeholder departmental users through state / district roll out managers & master trainers.
This will facilitate road accident data collection by 4 stakeholder departments
4.Health Departments
Through collection of road accident data from all over the country, road accident database will be developed. The collected data will be analysed using different data analytics technique for identification of accident prone areas and causes of the accidents. The analysis output will be represented in appropriate dashboards, accessible to higher authorities of stakeholder          departments and MoRTH. And accordingly strategy will be formed for reduction of number of road accident in India and enhance road safety. NICSI & IIT Madras have been jointly entrusted to carry out design, Development, Training, and implementation of iRAD project, along with research & analysis activities. ।

Contact Details
Contact Person Contact No E-mail Address
District Informatics Officer (NIC)
Nodal Officer (Police) 9304025912  
Nodal Officer (Transport) 9473423080
Nodal Officer (Health) 9470209932
Nodal Officer (Road) 9470001296
District Roll out Manager 9108172164
Central Team