Culture & Heritage


Being a mixed culture of Bihari and Bengali, languages in Araria are diverse. Hindi, being the official and formal language is spoken by everyone on purposed unrelated to local streets or houses. Urdu is second official language this is spoken by all communities including Hindus. Kulhaiya boli, Shekhra boli & Thethi are recognized as the local languages. Maithili and Bhojpuri are also spoken in residents’ homes, while Bengali, Surjapuri are also spoken.

Araria is the natural habitat of the Gangetic Dolphins.At the Local rivers of Araria Gangetic Dolphins(South Asian river dolphin) are found. Scientific name of the dolphin is Platanista Gangetica. Average length of dolphins are 2.5 meter.


  • Replica Stoop: It is situated Near Manikpur about 15 km far from Araria district headquarter going towards Forbesganj.
  • The six-story Kali Mandir temple, popularly known as “Kali Mandir”.
  • Temple of lord Shiva located at the center of city in the ancient Thakurbari of Araria, known as Shiva Mandir or more commonly as Thakurbari itself.
  • Shiva temple in Madanpur.
  • Sultan phokher in Forbesganj is important for Hindu and Muslim communities.
  • Maata aasawar mandir in Gidwas is very important for Hindu.
  • Shiva mandir in Sundernath.
  • A mosque (Jama Masjid), attended by Muslim communities from the nearby region.
  • Quba Masjid, is situated near navratan chowk. It is one of the famous mosque of this city.
  • The burial ground (kabristan) is situated in the middle of the city in khalilabad muhalla. Khalilabad mosque is also situated at the same place.
  • Newly constructed Masjid cum madarsa at diyaganj.